Sunday, April 17, 2005


God, as if there wasn't enough self-absorbed wannabe bloggers in the sphere already, Wallace E Francis out of Healdsburg California has entered the fray...I'm a 37 year old law student/librarian, former history teacher in his fourth year at Empire College, a fourth-tier law school out of Santa Rosa...I have a huge fat cat, a girlfriend named Debbie who supports my sorry ass, and a family who I am close to. This blog is going to be about politics...but I'm going to be all over the place because that is how I think...

My former "blog" of sorts can be found over on screen name "stuckinsamsara"...I've been writing for years and I figured it was time to branch out and stop responding to conspiracist morons, right wing lunatics, and just plain idiots.

I'm a liberal do-gooder hawk along the lines of Paul Berman, Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Friedman, although I diverge from their views in many respects. The older I get the more moderate I get...I'm continually going from left to right on a variety of issues.


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