Thursday, June 02, 2005

The gulag of our time...

Maybe it's just my imagination but the Michael Moore faction of the left seems to making inroads into the progressive movement more than ever. While liberals like me at one time had a certain level of credibility, we seem to be perpetually fighting our image now because the statements like the one AI put out about Guantanamo. Steve Donahue, who I just linked, has written an interesting piece on the subject.

For my own part, I would be incredibly insulted if I were a victim of one of Stalin's prisons. There seems to be no shortage of attempts to trivialize the holocaust, or the purges of Stalin, or the crimes of Hussein and North Korea, but they do it anyway. Trivializing these crimes is borderline denial of them, and it's hard to imagine how anyone can feel good about it.

I personally like much of what AI or HRW have to say; but that being said, it's our duty to take a good look at their bias. These organizations have collected considerable information regarding Iraq under Hussein. The fact remains that we use them when we like them, and discard them when we don't like them.


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