Sunday, April 16, 2006


This weeks asshole is none other than Sean Hannity (I think that is his first name) of Fox news, who in a single week 1. made Ward Churchill look good and 2. refuses to change his opinion that Bush is a fantastic president of the highest caliber.

Watching him attempt in an incredibly stupid way to try to light into Ward Churchill, he made a three minute grandstanding speech which apparently was a question, in his tiny mind. As I found out, this roofer turned commentator has turned being an asshole into a cottage industry, and now that he has for years now been repeating the word of Bush, and now sees everything crumbling before him, like Rumsfeld and Bush himself, there is no introspection or self-reflection. Just more idiocy.

It is the mark of an era, that the hubris of Today's republicans don't allow them to admit they are wrong even when everyone else can see it. The emperor's clothes...


Blogger Abu Yusef said...

what about former Republicans:P

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