Sunday, October 08, 2006

I have figured out how to get comments...

Be a little insulting. I've been a nice guy for so long, flying under the radar, and where has it gotten me? 0 comments...again and again...

I've decided to try a different tactic, as you can see by my latest offensive posting about Mommybloggers, a trend that I would like to see curtailed.

As you will notice below, there are three nasty comments from an anonymous blogger. I coincidentally posted on the blog of a "radical feminist" (read raving insane bitch) after google searching for an article about people who hate kids. You can find her unhinged ravings, which are so extensive that you wonder if some Alaskan meth is involved here
it's good for a laugh, although the fact that she advocates important issues should not be dismissed even though SHE should be. She does for women's rights what Michael Moore has done for the war in Iraq. Taken a good cause and connected it with a lunatic. Apparently I am not the first person to discover her endlessly droll attempt at browbeating half of the planet into submission, nor will I be the last.


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