Sunday, April 17, 2005


Somebody once asked a famous Professor if he thought Universities discouraged people from writing. He answered "I don't think they discourage enough of them." Let's just say with the proliferation of the internet and before that, the advent of mass produced books, we are victimized by more self-absorbed, worthless crap than any previous generation in history, so our skill at differentiating among them must be greater. In the vague hope that my writing doesn't add to the shitpile, I now enter the fray... THE POPE IS DEAD...SHOULD WE BE HAPPY? Many people remember the end of the popstar Sinead O'Connor's career when she ripped a picture of the Pope in half. Perhaps I'm going to be roundly hated for this, but in the same vein I'm not particularly sad about his demise. As Howard Stern pointed out in the aftermath of the event, "Here is a guy who has condemned millions of children to be born so that they may be starved to death." and presumably because of his love for human life. The stunning hypocrisy of the Catholics, and a good majority of Christians in any event, is plain for all to see. Like Ronald Reagan, the image of the Pope becomes enhanced upon his death completely apart from the reality of the man. [Date=04-17-2005]
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