Thursday, May 05, 2005

dismissed law student

I recently ran across an interesting blog on the net entitled "dismissed law student". In all my life I don't think I have ever been more afraid of anything than being dismissed. Presently I am good shape, and the chances are small someone in 4l would get booted, but I no longer have the faith I once had in the objectivity of the Professors or the system. If you walk through a mine field, do you see yourself as a great soldier because you didn't step on a mine? Seven people failed community property last semester. Three of them were Magnu Cum Laude.

In any case, most students are faced with the possibility. That's what makes law school great, in a way. The greater the risks, the greater the rewards.

Not to sound mean or anything, but my reaction to this blog was one of disdain. Sure, it could be me, but here's why: The opening page for April 24, 2005 goes like this:

"The best advice I ever got on the matter was from a friend who has since passed on from cancer.

'You have to go on with your life and do the best that you can.'"

"I'm reapplying to some ABA schools, haven't heard back yet"
So looking around I find out that this student was dismissed almost THREE YEARS AGO!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was academically dismissed from law school. I would not compare it to having cancer, though. That's a little extreme. Although its disappointing to be dismissed, it doesn't quite match the specific horror of a cancer diagnosis, and finding out you may not live very long. I find it remarkably sad that so many people still want to be lawyers, when there is little real opportunity out there for them. There has been a glut of attorneys since the 1970s. A lot of legal work is now outsourced. The field is changing rapidly, with fewer jobs for law grads. I am amazed that people can't wake up and smell the coffee. This is a slowly dying career field.

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