Wednesday, July 27, 2005

moot court whack-a-mole...

If you have ever played that game at the carnival where the little plastic moles pop up and you whack them down with a rubber hammer, you know what moot court is like. The difference is that you are the mole, and there is only one of you. YOu pop up, get smacked. Pop up again, get smacked.

I don't recall the last time in my life I was quite so at a loss for words. What was that question? Maybe if I continue to stare at the podium they will get distracted and forget I am here. Maybe if I shrink down and make myself small they won't be able to see me. Was law school really such a good idea?

If there is any doubt what experience teaches you, moot court removes that. In front of you; attorneys with decades of experience. YOu? fourth year law student. Priceless.


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