Sunday, July 24, 2005

Starbuck's is too loud

Starbuck's officially sucks. Yes they are there when I need them, just like McDonald's was there for me in Europe when all I needed was some orange juice and a bowl of pasta was twenty franks and took an hour.

But everytime I go in there the music is literally BLASTING, people are talking at the tops of their voices, or on their cell phones loudly, and kids are screaming. There appears to be a real dearth of quiet space in our lives, and I chalk it up to the lack of an inner life most people have. Reading is not in vogue. Quiet contemplation certainly isn't. It's just idiots pulling up in their SUV's (okay my girlfriend owns two broken down SUV's, not hummers) bought on their home equity line of credit along with the wide-screen tv.

I hope to pray someday I can own a coffee shop where people can go an listen to quiet jazz in the background and carry on conversations in normal tones. Where people on cell phones are booted instantly and the girls who are rocking out behind the counter get fired within thirty seconds of turning the volume to eight.


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