Sunday, July 10, 2005

Their own worst enemies

How ignorant are Al Qaeda and the OBL supporters here on bnet and elsewhere?

They attack the most democratic city in America, in which 90% of the voters are democrats. The democrats are the party that oppose Bush, and in the last thirty years have been the party least likely to engage in adventurism overseas. They kidnap French journalists who oppose the Iraq war. They kidnap Italian communists who oppose the Iraq war. They kill Dutch film makers in a nation that opposes the Iraq war. They kill schoolchildren in Russia, a nation that opposed the gulf war. They blew up a train station in Spain, a country where 90% of the population opposed the Iraq war. They regularly spew anti-semitic nazi propaganda when Jews in the US are almost all democrats and historically have been the catalyst for the largest progressive movements in the US.


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