Sunday, July 10, 2005

unhinged mohsin

This bnet post comes from a particularly insane, anti-semitic poster on bnet who goes by the moniker "mohsin". His compadre, "Let peace prevail" (probably the most hilarious name for a islamofascist one could imagine) echoes his racist views. Here's a sample.
According to explosives experts London bombs that destroyed three London Underground carriages and a double-decker bus, were crude homemade devices set off with a simple timer. Each weighed less than 10 pounds and could be carried in a backpack. According to Alex Standish, the editor of Jane's Intelligence Digest: "Any crook with ready cash could obtain this stuff if they knew where to look for it."

Regardless of who the culprits were - (al Qaeda or Mossad) - let's compare the deaths and mayhem these simple, unsophisticated homemade devices have caused to what happens when 1000 , 2000 and 5000 pounds bomb is dropped on a city, marketplace, hospital, school or a wedding party but goes largely unreported in the western media.

I mean why don't we get to see that 'Breaking News' or round the clock news coverage of the civilian massacres carried out from 30000 feet high up in the sky?

Of course you do see on your tv screens the air strikes, carpet bombings and Shock and Awe campaigns carried out on poor & defenceless but oilrich third world nations, and boy that does make you feel so proud of your military strength and superiority.

But what happens on the ground, when tonnes and tonnes of zillion trillion dollar bombs are rained upon civilian populations==
In a previous post he mentions something about Jews knowing about the london bombings. NOtice here he mentions the Mossad as being an equally likely suspect as Al Qaeda, and then on to the "carpet bombings" in Iraq.


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