Sunday, August 28, 2005

My summer vacation

Time is short here so I'll just post some pictures of the places I went in the last week for the record and get back with the details later...

Here are some photos of the eastern Sierra Nevada from the Owens Valley, along highway 395, by far some of the most beautiful desert mountains I have ever seen. The canyon goes up to Bishop Pass, on the way to Dusy Basin and the John Muir Trail. A well visited and well-respected wilderness area whose bleakness tends to drive the unobservant visitors away.

Bishop Pass

Bishop Pass

View from Bishop

Mt. Tom

Volanic activity creates natural hot springs in the Owens Valley around Bishop and north toward Mammoth and Yosemite. This area bubbles hot water into a river where popular spot has formed...while fourteen people have died there, most at night, it is really quite safe and enjoyable for most careful people. It smells a bit due to the sulphur.

Hot Creek

Tenaya Lake

View from Lambert Dome, Tolumne Meadows

Hot Creek


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