Wednesday, September 14, 2005

bad blogs...

ON the subject of bad blogs this blog "anti-blog" where the concept was already discovered of talking about bad blogs, is a really shitty blog. I anticipated this person would actually take the time and effort to find some bad blogs, and he or she hasn't and didn't. Good concept. Bad blogger.

On the matter of bad blogs there are really three levels;

1. idiotic personal blogs ("mommyblogs") that aren't even worthy of this
2. small-time blogs which have some local following of fellow nutcase fundamentalists, trekkies, or other intellectual masturbators, and
3. Popular blogs that don't deserve to be. They apparently were in the right place at the right time and someone liked the name. Now they get linked. Examples? Instapundit, comes to mind, which you will notice I linked. I now do not understand why. Three lines on every subject in the world? Do we need this? Or "bitch, phd" which is sort of a mommyblog on steroids where I searched in vain for one single original, intelligent idea....

I dedicate the concept of bad blogs to those in the third category.


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