Wednesday, September 14, 2005

more bad blogs

Crooked Timber is fucking horrible. I clicked over it (again I link these guys so you can see for yourself) and here is what I get...
Blogging and academic jobs
Posted by Henry

Ralph Luker has a round-up post of reactions to the second “Ivan Tribble” missive on blogging and academia. This is something that I’ll be speaking to substantively in the near future in a longer piece; for the moment, I just want to observe that blogging has been helpful in a very practical but unexpected way to my academic career. I moved last year from the University of Toronto to George Washington University (I loved Toronto and the university, but had good personal reasons, unconnected to the Department, to move). I know for a fact that my blogging at Crooked Timber played a minor (but real) role in helping me land my current job – one of the people involved in the job search for a new position was a CT reader, clicked through to my homepage, and saw that my research interests seemed a plausible fit with the Department’s needs.
ummmmm...."speaking to substantively" on a blog? Could you have said something substantive here about anything other than your own little world?


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