Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's over

Law school, that is....what is it they say about every ending being a door to a new beginning? I didn't imagine that I would feel the way I feel. I honestly thought there would be elation and jumping for joy. I thought I would party into the night. But instead, after a beer, two or three shots of tequila, a kamikazi and a couple of sips of a long island ice tea, I was done. Of course the club we ended up at was an adolescent fuck-center anyway, basically an attempt to transport SF coolness to Santa Rosa. Loud, obnoxious, and not what my 38-year exhausted ass really needed. Where we started was okay...the Hyatt...

IN any case, there is really nothing but exhaustion and more ahead. The California bar exam, which most people fail and one out of ten of the great ABA students never pass that test. The morals application at the moment needs to go out. (that's a whole other post) The library needs to be shaped up for the next sucker to come in here and take over. I have to load up examsoft for the bar exam since the program is slightly different. I need a new battery for my computer, which is all beat-up and duct-taped together, a battle-hardened veteran of more than 20 law school exams...

The remedies test was a complete bitch. I felt like I was the understudy for a play and the main player showed up. I didn't get to do my thing. Really strange. I can only pray that I passed, and I probably did, just like every other test. The truth is I haven't failed a test since midterms second year, and that was attributable to me changing up.

The bar is different.

So I'm going to be spending the day playing video games, watching movies, sitting in the sun, getting ready to go to Naples Florida on Friday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice! I just came across your blog. We have similar backgrounds - I'm a 4th year and taking the CA bar in July. We even went to the same undergrad. I'm 36 (graduated in '92) and spent about 9 years in the workforce before making the sad mistake of going to law school. Hopefully, you'll keep posting during the bar - misery loves company!

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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