Sunday, May 28, 2006

The basic plan so far...

Wake up and go get a cap...
1.come home and do at least 30 mbe's...
If I'm not doing good on the mbe's then quit and do barpasser mbe's. They are easier. Come back later to Micromash or PMBR and try to get through them. If the explanation for why the mbe is wrong doesn't make sense IGNORE IT. There are a certain number of mbe's that are NOT demonstrably wrong and the explanations are nonsense.
2. outline an essay.
3. make flashcards from the sample answer of that essay of the rules of law that are general enough to be valuable. Ignore rules that are too specific and rely upon mbe's to get that. Check the Conviser mini-review or Micromash in-depth materials if the law is unclear. Higlight that section.
4. 30 more mbe's
5. another essay and do flash cards
6. 30 more mbe's
7. outline another essay and make flash cards
8. Listen to PMBR or barbri lecture. Check out Vivian Dempsey's suggestions in her binder on essay writing.
9. When you get a complete set of flash cards for a subject, review that law to make sure the set IS complete.

Take assorted breaks in between. Don't block out specific times like "twelve to twelve thirty, jog". The routine will kill your enthusiasm. DON'T allow interruptions unless they are in between. Push through the boredom but also be willing to just stop. Part of the building the mental toughness is finding pleasure in the puzzle and the challenge. Sometimes there is more going on than lack of willpower. Face that.


Blogger Politically Lost said...

Sounds like a good plan.

Are you going to actually write essay answers? Or just outline?

So, each set of flashcards will be a complete subject? When will you incorporate reviewing those cards?

Good luck, keep the faith and get as much exercise as you can.

12:07 AM  

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