Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Con Law revisited....

I always liked con law...I've always been able to identify with public policy law and even though much of con law makes absolutely no sense, there usually is some tenuous relationship to reality that makes it memorable. As opposed to the various arbitrary bright-line rules in existence today that one can only memorize as an abstract fact, disconnected from any logical reason. I cannot, for example, ever explain to you why future interests need to be so complex. Except to give us jobs. Or a future interest in another career.

Con law mbe's are good because you can often spot the case they are testing, or the rule. I got an answer right a few minutes ago not because I understood the question, but because I only recognized one of the answers as a statement of law I had seen before...what exactly that tests? Don't know. Don't care.

Also, my friend Brian Kelly has given me the heads-up on a website that has some helpful advice...Cal Bar Exam

I like the approach. He claims that the secret is practice over study, and keeping your mind and body together...I agree that practice is probably the key. The question is HOW you practice. But that is another post....

106 mbw'a...two conlaw essays outlined...not very well... The last thirty con law mbe's....60%


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