Monday, May 29, 2006

Sour grapes

One cannot read a lot of blogs by lawyers and law students without feeling a certain element of disdain, or jealousy, or simple disgust. It's a lot like reading a "ad" by a woman who would never date you.

"I work out twelve times every day and speak forty-two languages and have traveled to every country in the world..twice...I make three hundred thousand dollars a year...
blah blah blah...fuck you, you skinny bitch.

So much of who we are is where we are from. There is always the "rags to riches" Horatio Alger shit we hear, but most of it is the story of George Bush; Born on third base and convinced he hit a triple.

I won't be clerking for a judge while awaiting the bar results. I didn't learn shit at my clerkship. My girlfriend isn't a software engineer for google. There is no "inevitable silver candlestick" in my future.Slate

I'm not "doing lunch with Chelsea".

That being said, I am from an upper-middle class family. My Dad was a doctor, I grew up in a pretty little town called Napa in the wine country. I had college paid for. I screwed around and ended up a teacher. I didn't get good career advice.

The whole concept that you must go to college, without a grounding in why or how, is a recipe for disaster. Hence the last ten years of my life that I didn't find nearly as fun as Frank McCourt did. I think I identify with "the substitute" more....

I'm sitting in the flying goat the other day and some lady is talking to her friend the doctor about how she's injured because she fell off her horse. The other day a woman was eating a danish with a knife and fork. It irritated the fuck out of me.

My sister lives in a million dollar mansion and she does nothing. Her husband tints windows or something like that. His dad bought the mansion...they hardly ever make a payment.

Meanwhile I live in a 850 square foot rotting victorian in charming Healdsburg..funky...drop something in the kitchen and it will roll toward the west. The sink is cracked, the bathroom actually adjoins the kitchen! Where is the justice?

The only thing that gives me hope is watching the housing market crash, as I predicted. As everyone else is watching "flip this house" I'm watching interest rates. Grease monkeys sitting on a million dollar house who got lucky and decided to take out loans to buy SUV's and giant screen televisions are gonna go down...hard...and the interest-only loan morons are going with them, hopefully opening up some litigation against predatory lenders...

I'll do anything to avoid facing the fact that I've done hundreds of property mbe's and I still can't get more than 50%...


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