Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Found this interesting

Guide to Korean military capacity

"The North Korean regime is regularly portrayed in the Western as the lunatics in charge of the asylum. The traditional US deterrence posture rested on the ability to launch a devastating counter-strike against any country that used weapons of mass destruction against America, its allies or deployed forces. Such measures worked against the Soviet Union, whose leaders were rational and risk-averse, but some argue that they may not deter rogue states such as North Korea, whose leaders are indifferent to their people's welfare. Although North Korea's strategies and tactics can be (sometimes purposely) baffling, the country is being run by extremely intelligent and very rational people with a strongly developed sense of self-preservation. The North Korean acquisition of weapons of mass destruction stems not from an indifference to deterrence, but rather a keenly developed understanding of the uses of deterrence."
In other words, it is a huge mistake for us to allow the popular conception of Kim Jong Il, in riduculing him and portraying him as completely insane, to cloud our judgment of their capability and intentions.


Blogger Jeha said...

Makes sense.

But it convenient for our leaders to portray them as such; the better to push through some of their own policies.

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