Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back for more

Yes it has been some time, my dear readers, all four of you, since I have graced the net with my electrons. It's been a painful time, and I won't deny that embarrassment has kept me away. Currently I am taking a short hiatus from my work as a law clerk to study for the bar exam...again...and thus I'm staying away from any distractions. I've been at it for about a month, and with roughly one month to go, I've reached the usual one-month depression.

It is about that time that the slow, gradual grind and utter boredom begins to create cracks in your mental armor. You miss doing things that mattered. You miss your paycheck. You miss learning about things that are important and relevant.

I don't need to go into what bullshit the bar exam is, and what a stunning embarrassment law school and those exams are to the legal profession. We will leave that to others.

My job here is to generate motivation; and I admit I'm better at it than many. I take frequent breaks. Go see movies. Surf the net. I try to stay away from, but I haven't been totally successful. It's really a ridiculous waste of time.

I've strung together two days of uselessness. I did some mbe's yesterday, and one evidence essay.

Probably the best thing to talk about here, and the most useful thing, is movies. Go see them. The reasons?

1. Gives your eyes a chance to rest on something far away
2. Gives your brain a chance to completely shut off and just be entertained. Thinking too much is not good for you.

I will admit there is dearth of good ones. I have seen so many movies that I've reached a point where I read the worst reviews by critics. Those are usually more along the lines of what I am thinking. And I'm easily entertained, really.

I enjoyed "letters from Iwo Jima", the companion movie to Eastwoods "Flags of our Fathers", although it portrayed an entirely too human Imperial Japan. I have a feeling chinese people watching that movie wouldn't be so sympathetic...or for that matter WWII vets...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Supreme Court Agrees

While I am certainly not competent to practice law in the state of California, according to the eminent authorities at the state Bar of California, the Supreme Court has overturned California's reasoning presented in "People v. Black" regarding California' sentencing guidelines.

Not to toot my own horn, but my casenote, written in the Empire College Law Review, predicted this would come to pass, and I was in fine company with those who agreed with me...