Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Michael Vick affair proves the NAACP is racist

The NAACP, in a continuing effort to marginalize themselves and prove that the double-standards that exist in our society on both sides of the race issue continue to exist, has gone public with a plea that Vick be allowed to play football again.

Now, to be honest, I'm not sure he shouldn't play football again. It's not like the steroid infested morons who populate our sports aren't already dingy and disgusting. The mock outrage at this point is ridiculous. I don't follow sports and would really rather play them than watch them, but I would be willing to bet this week there will be various thugs who assault people, commit drug offenses and whatnot and will suffer no ill effects on their career. Why should Vick?

If there was one even standard, then sure, he should be held to it. But I'm quite certain there is not.

However, the real issue is the NAACP turning yet another non-racial issue into a racial one. The guy has committed some vicious, inhumane acts. Drowning dogs, electrocuting them, and various other examples of his sick mentality. I don't care where he is from. There is no excuse.

Yet you would think the NAACP could wait until he has served his sentence to start making demands. But do they? No. In an example of how utterly clueless they are, they already are making a fuss, with their righteous indignation and veneer of respectability.

Those of you who know me may recall my run-in with the NAACP. After breaking up a fight between two black students, I was placed on leave and they called for my job. My shitty 42k job in Vallejo California where I suffered daily abuse. Why wouldn't they believe the girl who had a cum. file a foot thick filled with disciplinary actions who had attacked the other black girl over me?

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