Sunday, April 17, 2005

Law School sucks...

Life was better before law school...If I wasn't getting threatened daily with lawsuits and dealing with fucked up kids I would still be a teacher, but the continual combat and lack of parent support, added to the efforts by politicians to scapegoat teachers for political gain did it for me. I quite last October.

I've been in law school three years. It's a fourth tier law school in SRI, which means that most of us will never work as lawyers and there is a wierd, motley assortment of people dredged up out of god knows where. Mid-fifties divorcees trying to get power back in their lives, mid-thirties guys who had too much fun in their twenties until reality suddenly crept in and they no longer looked so cool in baseball hats and t-shirts riding a bike (that would be ME). Young kids not realizing they could go to a better school...And of course people who are just looking for a fight or an argument everywhere they go.

I don't like law students for the most part. Gosh...I sound so negative...

I hate law school. A lot of it, anyway. It can be fun. It is certainly challenging, which is healthy up to a point.

Fourth tier students are like fourth tier professors; they have something to prove. Granted, there are a few of us who are no slouches. Some of the older folks are doctors, engineers and some of the kids are brilliant. For the most part, I dread the possibility that many of them will graduate and pass the bar. There is no shortage of lawyers; there IS a shortage of good ones.

That being said an ABA first tier education doesn't automatically indicate greatness. But it is fair to say that the better school you go to, the more likely you are to be brighter or molded earlier. It is also fair to say that the connections and elitism is what makes the difference.

Yet after a few years, nobody real cares where you went. You are either good or bad, and they know it.

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