Sunday, May 15, 2005


The stupidity of muslim religious fanatics has reached yet another high. AS if there wasn't already enough evidence of the tendency of certain people from this religion to flip out over the slightest thing, the news that the Koran was put next to toilets at Guantanomo has caused riots in Afghanistan where people have been killed. My response?

Fuck them. How about if I wipe my ass with the pages of the Koran? How about if I turn it into a pot stash? (too bad I don't smoke out anymore). We are supposed to walk around on eggshells hoping this fuckheads don't flip out over every tiny story that comes their way? They can burn our flag, as you can see here in the article, but no American is going to bother freaking out and running into the street about it. Sure, it pisses us off. If they did it in front of us, there are many who would kick their asses. But a holy book, supposedly sitting next to a toilet half a world away isn't a reason to freak, it is yet another excuse to try to intimidate us.
There are millions of muslims who are simply wound so tight and so deeply ingrained with hatred and bigotry that they are just waiting for any excuse to run into the streets screaming.

Our national flag is deeply important to us. Or perhaps the bodies of our soldiers who were hung from bridges in Fallujah might be seen as sacred to us. Either way, the kind of people who are so easily set off by this incident are the kind of people that deserve to be ridiculed and ignored. There are things in this world that are sacred. A book isn't one of them. The ideas might be, but these ideas cannot be desecrated by anything other than the actions of fools who believe these ideas give them the right to terrorize others.


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