Monday, August 01, 2005

fear of death

The law is beginning to eat away at me. I've become obsessed with death in a very unhealthy way, namely MY death.

I'm fearful that I have given up three years of my life for nothing. If I were to die today, would this really have been the best use of my time, shutting myself away for four years, spending weekend after weekend pouring over boring-ass, and really quite awful prose? Abusing my intellect in this way?

It's also the subject. Trusts and wills. Death. Criminal law. Death. Torts...wrongful death. Community property, death. Real property, death. Greedy people are set into motion when someone with money dies. It's really quite enraging and disgusting to read.

People need to stop dying in the stuff I read.

What area of law can I focus on where people aren't dying?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reproductive Rights

12:06 AM  

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