Sunday, August 07, 2005

True story...maybe...

True story..Law Professor here at the Law school has the class meet DURING class for a required class...if we miss more than three here in California, we are dismissed from the class. Tells them they will get extra credit if they beat him at pool... Everything I tell you here is inadmissible hearsay and doubtless inflated by the telling...but I've long ago given up on reality and am looking for a good fantasy anyway...

He starts out at the local Hilton/Hyatt hotel on the hill with a lovely view of Santa Rosa throwing back double-scotches...winds up with a 90 dollar bill. Allegedly puts his arm around some of the younger chicks, including my oversexed ex-girlfriend Rong (you would think I could tell by the name she was trouble) from China and another chick.

The evening goes on..most people leave, he ends up in an argument with some young lady who isn't his student...tells her she won't amount to anything...She cries and leaves. Whatever he said may be true, may be the result of a cocky young lady, may be totally uncalled for and rude...I make no claim.

My friend, the witness, leaves and goes off somewhere else...returns later to pick up a car and finds the Professor passed out in the back of his car. The hotel waitress threatens to call the police if they don't get him out of there. They throw him in his car and drive it to his house.

Next day the young ladies' MOTHER calls (like this is high school or something?)the school and complains. The dean investigates....



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