Monday, September 19, 2005

left and right mirroring each other...

What the real left is and should be doing

I found this interesting while reading blogcritics...

The anti-war movement- while certainly holding up its end of being loud and recognized- is ushering very little discussion on the substantial content of the matter at hand. I've certainly heard questions raised about the war. However, the mere existence of questions does not an intelligent dialogue- towards a real end- make.

Maybe I am alone in this, but I have been trying to base my feelings toward this war off of a little more than "let's go kick some enemy butt" versus "this war is a lie, and we need to stop killing our soldiers." Let's face it, while the wording is often a lot more winded, that is about the entirety of the debate right now.

Wars, however, are much more complex than that. Always. These complexities exist in the reasons for, the actual ground strategy within, and the final objectives of any war. And- as much as it may not serve the vitriol and consensus snowballing of either side- this war is no different.
Being a fan of complexity...


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