Monday, November 21, 2005

"Eminent scientist"

Always one to dig a little deeper when my beloved members of the wingnut left present themselves an inviting target, I couldn't help but do a brief background check on one of the three speakers who will be in Healdsburg in a week or so to speak out against the war. Dhar Jamail, or something like that, is a pro-terror "journalist" who somehow manages to get in deep with the insurgency, though certainly he isn't WITH them. More on him later. The other guy, whose credentials include refusing to fight in Gulf War I, need not even be dealt with. How exactly you can turn not fighting in a non-war a career I have yet to understand. This post is dedicated to Leuren Moret an "eminent scientist" and "independent scientist" and expert on Depleted Uranium.

AS it turns out, this complete phony has a BS in Geoscience from Berkely, and an MA in far east studies. She says she only has to do her dissertation to get her PHd. Whatever. IN any case, how exactly does geoscience fit into the whole debate? Well, quite simply it doesn't. The effects of DU on living organisms is a subject of debate for physicians and biologists. Experts in the "life sciences". Ms. Moret is almost totally out of her field, yet she presents herself as an "eminent scientist".

WHile I make no claim about the safety of DU, I do know there is a lot more to the debate than meets the eye, and rampant emotionalism where teary-eyed hippy chicks depict Iraq children with their limbs rotting off (while curiously never bothering to look at the effects of Hussein's chemical attacks on Halabja) is more than silly; it's a genuine obstacle to an important debate.


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