Monday, October 10, 2005

Blind spots and merging.

Look over your shoulder

When you get on to the highway, it is YOUR responsibility to watch out for traffic. YOU are the one merging, and the cars on the freeway have the right of way.

Here's what happens every morning. I'm driving down to Santa Rosa. Someone enters the freeway. The drive straight ahead, and if I'm lucky, they look into their mirror. In all my years of driving I can count the number of people who look over their shoulder with one hand. Simply put, people feel that they are well within their rights to cause a car accident when they get on the freeway. They are wrong.

There is a wierd sense of laziness and entitlement that allows people to act this way. They think the law protects them. They think it is someone else's problem if they almost cause a car accident. The fact is, that it isn't. Look over your shoulder. Look over your shoulder. Look over your shoulder.

It would seem like this is a great way to point out how yoga can save your life. As our health deteriorates, as we become fatter, lazier, less flexible, we stop doing things that prevent this from happening. We stop thinking and become less intelligent. We stop moving and then aren't able to move.


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