Monday, May 29, 2006

And in Kabul

Upon hearing of a traffic accident which triggered protests in Kabul, I was intrigued. Apparently some humvees ran into some traffic, and at least one person was killed. While the word "protestor" barely applies to a lot of the Islamist rioters who are constantly going berserk in the streets at the drop of a hat while throwing acid in womens' faces later on in the day for walking uncovered, it certainly doesn't apply to the stone throwers on the scene of the accident, who upon seeing Americans getting into a car accident, became not protestors, but rioters.

How exactly the western tradition of protesting by waving signs, making speeches and marching got mixed up with the middle-eastern tradition of berserk mobs rioting over some perceived injustice like a cartoon or a beauty pageant is beyond me, but I won't blame the press. They have a lot of sound-bites to turn out.



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