Wednesday, July 26, 2006

day t2

You will not be surprised to find out I did not post yesterday. I tried, but the wirelss network I'm leeching off of at a pub down below wasn't working. I hate computers. Computers hate me. Yesterday they let us mill around until the last minute and then let us in...the numbers we had to sit according to were not sequential...brilliant...I wandered around until a proctor put me down in the right spot. I had spent the morning walking up the stairs and found my way into a banquet room on the top floor where I watched the sun rise over the oakland hills and lake Meritt and stretched..did some jumping jacks and some kata...then down to the bar. I opened the door and Tom came out of the stairway at the exact moment.

There must have been a thousand people in this room. Long, thick cords hung from the ceiling like a seen out of war of the worlds...people weren't as nervous as I thought they would be. Neither was I. Of course, half of us will fail, so maybe there is some foolish bravado in all that. I ran into my cousin just before I went into the room. She was kind of freaked out.

I set my power options a week ago and forgot to reset them, so after twenty minutes, the computer hibernated and I had five minutes until the test started. All I could do was calmly wait for it to return. Okay at least fifteen minutes before the test. In any case, when softest returned, the window was completely open for the test. I pointed it out to the proctor, and she didn't seem to think it was a big deal.

Three easy tests to start out with. Except for one subject I didn't expect, but had studied, they seemed all to be straightforward. This of course means that they will grade harder, as they lately seem to be of the opinion that by failing more people they are doing their job. I love self-perpetuating bureaucracies.

When lunch came I was chased up the stairway to the fourteenth floor by panicked people. My knee ached. The worst thing about the test is the searing pain going down my right leg. Right along the back. I had to get up and walk to the bathroom, even though I really didn't have to go, just to alleviate it. I NEVER got up during a test in law school.

I slapped together a sandwhich and ate some cold pizza. It was already time to go by the time I finished.

When we returned my computer booted up and then asked if I wanted to connect to the internet. It then rebooted and kept rebooting. I don't know what the fucking problem is with softest, but something this important should not be beholden to incompetent software execs. I ended up writing out the entire performance test by hand. Nine pages. I was so pissed I just sat there and stewed after the test.

I don't really know if it hurt me, but I rely upon typing for corrections and allowing me to obtain maximum volume, so I'm of the impression that it did.

so, today is the MBE....wish me luck..

The rest of the day was a blur


Blogger Lizzie said...

Fun computer stuff, that. Have fun today!

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, you need luck? I don't think so, right about now you're done and passed just fine so, no luck. Break a leg.

5:24 PM  
Blogger Politically Lost said...

So, when the ceremony of sisin ocurrs and the conveyance is complete...who gets the dirt?

9:32 PM  

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