Monday, July 10, 2006

An inconvenient truth

Al Gore has assured his place in history with his latest movie, and hopefully he will be elected President this go-around. He is a new, revised version of Al Gore, not boring, compelling, having thrown in a little more southern twang while at the same attacking from his point of strength. His intellect always has been and always will be superior to any conservative candidate that will be fielded by the right, and unfortunately the American people, who have been infected with anti-intellectualism for a very long time, are turned off by that.

What is fascinating is the positioning of his candidacy against the backdrop of global warmings results. Hurricane Katrina, the record-setting heat waves in the US and elsewhere all were predicted by the scientists who have taught Gore. By waiting and allowing Kerry to run, he has let the climate change just enough garner the attention of even the most ignorant.

But the greatest outrage of all will come from the Republicans, who will go to any length to defend the indefensible, and in their moral cowardice, they will mark their place in history as the fools that they are. There is no nice way to apologize for the oil industry, who are going to spend their vast amounts of money attacking Gore and using their media quislings to put forth information that isn't true. They've been doing it for years. The fact is that we now are living in an age of consequences.


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