Sunday, July 09, 2006

Last minute decisions

1.I will no longer do anything more than guess on conveyancing and recording act mbe's.
2.I'll try a little harder on future interest mbe's.
3. I'm going to give one more day to corporations and let it go...focus on 10b-5 and 16b...It's the only subject I really fear...
4. Cut down on writing out entire essays and simply spot issues on as many different exams as possible by doing outlines and making notes of what issues I missed and why.
5. Outline one more performance test.
6. exercise more, eat better, get more sun. The bicycle works when it is too freakin' hot out...
7. figure out how to deal with insomnia. Alcohol?
8. MEMORIZE!!!Practice the online flashcards. I've decided Adachi's flashcards are better for knowing the issues, but not for STATING the law. His cards, like a lot of study aids, torture the fuck out of the English language for the sake of brevity. I would fail someone who writes like that. I hope the bar examiners would too. You don't have to be Shakespeare, but for gods sake, how about some fucking pronouns?
9. Make a binder filled with every test you have ever looked at like you did for second year.
10. Reduce the mbe's to maybe 25 a day?


Anonymous Danielle said...

Take it from a professional nonsleeper - tylenol PM is where it's at. Alcohol screws with your sleep cycle even more. I am on a handful of Rx pills each evening (and if you had the same torts guy that I did, he specifically told me that now is not the time for withdrawal). But, go for the tylenol PMs. Just one should do the trick. The vanilla flavored are nice because clearly one is supposed to suck on them like a lifesaver or something...

9:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got a better one for ya. (Don't ask why I take these, I weigh a buck-twenty five, so it isn't for the actual desired effect, but they work really well)...

There is a diet supplement called Relacore. It is supposed to help with "Stress Related Belly Fat", but when you read the benefits on the bottle this is what it states

1) Reduces Stress
2) Reduces mild anxiety
3) Improves mood
4) Fight mid-day fatigue
5) Increase Energy

No kidding! I started taking this as I started studying a for the bar. What I do is pop two of them about an hour before I want to go to bed. Sure enough they make me drowsy and I sleep really well. But I don't sleep too many hours and I wake up feeling great. I promise, I'm not some whack job promoting this drug. Just some whack job choosing to take a bar exam and trying just like you do find anything that works. This works for me (whereas alcohol also screws with my sleeping and ends up giving you brain fog the next day. I also think Tylenol PM is too drastic makes you sleep too hard. I bought this stuff at CVS or Walgreens or something.

Sorry for the long post. One last thought. When I was little my Mom used to give me L-Gluetamine when I couldn't sleep or was stressed out. That too would help me sleep. She also would give us Tryptohpan (you know the natural occuring substance that comes from warmed milk and turkey) but then the FDA banned it after people died from taking it in pill form. So I don't know if Mom's remedies are always the best....

3:58 AM  

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