Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mock Bar, day two

Today was the mbe day. Still stinging from the utter defeat of essay three, I resolved to look more carefully at the essays. While I'm not comfortable with my mbe scores, I'm a lot more comfortable with them than with how I feel about the essays.

In any case, I had the 1998 July multistate exam from Micromash ready to go, and from the beginning I realized that many of these questions I had already seen. I didn't like that. Some of the answers I felt pulled in a different direction, but answered because I knew what the right answer was already. The vast majority of them I just thought through with the law that I had learned from doing practice mbe's in mind.

It's funny how your narrow down the answer, your sphincter tightens up, and you just go ahead and let it drop. I get high scores but I'm never really sure of the answers and never really comfortable.

I don't like the timing, first of all, because I read so quickly. I was finished within two hours and ten minutes, strangely enough, the same exact time as the last time I tried a mock exam. I'm uncomfortable with not taking the full time, but I also notice that my mental state begins to deteriorate and my mind wanders if I take to long. Once you start overreading and second-guessing yourself, you are usually wrong. I have therefore concluded that I probably need to finish the real MBE in about two and a half hours or more and then go over it with the realization that unless I am one hundred per cent sure an answer is wrong, it should NOT be changed. Probably not even then.

The fact that they are new questions means that the first casualty of that battle, might be the plan....

In any case, although I thought I would slow down in the afternoon session, I, in fact did not. When I finished, I scored it...neck aching....

A 160 isn't too bad, even if you've seen a lot of the questions before...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm content with my 138,,,still room for improvement,tho -sean

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