Friday, August 18, 2006

The Bullocks conspiracy

I removed Eugene Bullock's (excuse me, Volokh's) blog from my blogroll the other day because I couldn't get out of my mind all of the idiotic apologists for gun-violence exhibiting their embarrassingly absurd arguments on the topic. The blog itself is replete with various ass-kissing quislings and other "conservative intellectuals" posing as, well, intellectuals when really what is being exhibited is nothing of the sort. I was pleased to read a brief segment in Crooked Timber, which is usually a boring and tedious blog, taking him on regarding another topic. It seems that my first impressions of him and his entourage was probably correct; a reasonably smart guy blinded by his prejudices able to formulate cogent enough arguments that people accept uncritically.

Um, this is the guy who once emitted a “thought experiment” in the form of “What if the theocrats are right, and gays really do ‘recruit’?” Correct? And I’m supposed to be surprised that he’s coughed up another gob of ugliness in the service of contrarianism, or of boldly going where no thinker has dared to go before, or something?

What’s really depressing/infuriating is that this is what passes for courageous thinking for so many people these days: What if the shared values that we take for granted are just so many P.C. liberal pieties that have rammed down our throats willy-nilly? Is torture really such a bad thing if the people being tortured are super-mega-evil? Was slavery really so bad? Do gay people really deserve equality under the law? What if straight white guys tend to own and run most of the world because they deserve to? Follow that path long enough and look where we end up: Face it honey, the only thing you’ve got against “sexual harassment” is that you might—God forbid—actually enjoy it!

“Stupid” is one word for it, Belle, but I don’t think it does it justice.

Crooked Timber

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