Monday, March 12, 2007

More bullshit

Meet Charles Andrews

Charles’s philosophy in building his companies is based on a combined vision of urban residential real estate growth and the pragmatic skills required to develop and implement diversification in real estate-related companies. Charles believes that Florida, Arizona and Nevada are perfectly poised for continued urban real estate expansion.

Charles recognizes markets that continue to create viable broad based economies, well-supported by highly regarded financial and professional communities, and expanding educational systems with ever-improving infrastructure. Charles had the foresight to recognize many areas’ potential to attract both established corporations and emerging tourism, and to build his real estate companies in line with these markets.


The idea that anywhere in the US is "poised" to continue urban real estate expansion is so laughable you have to wonder if even these two believe their own bullshit. And if you think that was bullshit, read this:

"As I discovered after a recent column, to the list of subjects best avoided if you want a civil discussion -- religion and politics -- you can add the real estate bubble. Plenty of people disagreed with my take that, overall, the "bubble" was nothing more than a long-overdue correction expected in markets across the board. That's only natural after the run-up in prices we've seen over the last few years. Yes, some markets are experiencing considerable value declines that can be classified as a "bubble," but I could probably count those markets on one hand."

Like most of the people on that side of the fence, there will be no retraction when the truth comes out. It will be forgotten by everyone except this blog...


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