Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not exactly

AS it turns out I wasn't actually that close. My visitor Steve had it absolutely correct, I have to revisit my writing technique. I scored 1350. Not even close.

I did, however, score a 1474 on the mbe, or a raw 137, which is a clear passing score for the mbe. Considering I had an entire half hour extra on the morning and afternoon session of the mbe, I should be able to pull that off again if I don't get cocky.

There are four options here

1. Essay advantage with Jeff Adachi
2. The writing edge with Vivian Dempsey
3. Bar Code with Whitney Roberts.

All concentrate solely on the writing, and that is where I need to pick up the points.


Blogger Lizzie said...


For what it's worth, I had the book versions of both Adachi and Roberts. I liked the Bar Code materials a lot and used them as a basis for my own outlines. Adachi was OK (and more complete) but I didn't like the style as much.

Way to rock the MBE. :)

3:11 PM  
Blogger Holden said...

Which program did you end up using? I'm stuck as to which to commit to. Currently leaning toward John Holtz's tutoring and his PT classes. Basically considering:
(1) John Holtz ($450 PT course + $450 tutoring, recommended by several folks who failed then passed with his help)
(2) Essay Advantage (essays only, $1500 if you took Bar/Bri)
(3) The Writing Edge (Price? Essay and PT)
(4) The Bar Code ($1200, select locations, any good?)
(5) Barpassers ($2000, slick presentation materials, but don't know about their quality or degree of feedback).

12:12 PM  

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