Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yet another crappy parent...

Here's a email from a friend on the same topic...

you can expand it to friends with poorly behaved children who come to your house too. We have one set of friends that we’ve artfully managed to not have their children over for two years (we always find a reason to meet elsewhere) because the last time they were over, their oldest son tried to ride my dog like a horse, complete with an attempt to jump off the couch on to our dog's back! When I said to him that he couldn’t do that in my house (nicely, I might add), his dad (hubbie's childhood friend) got huffy and said that his son was too young to understand that type of rule. Here’s the kicker – at the time, the son was FOUR.

By the way, I will mention, yet again, that I have the necessary experience to judge whether parents are crappy or not without being one. I taught middle school and high school for ten years, which is actually 30 years of parent experience in the real world. I see how your kid acts without you around. That says a lot more about you than you could possibly know.

And to the anonymous blogger who complained about me not pointing out original text in the text; I thought it was obvious that it was not original based upon the fact that there was a link, standing alone, that led to the blog from which the quote came. As it is rather obvious that the blogger was the owner of the blog, I have deleted it and will make certain that I neither mention, link, or read your blog again.

I've had people take my writing, give me credit, but not post my link. I'd rather have my link any day on a post. But whatever. I thought the guys blog was pretty boring anyway.


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