Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Evidence that I have good ideas

I'm tooting my own horn today, although it really is not a happy ocassion. Sometime in April I was driving through Lodi on my way home from Fresno and an idea popped into my head. My best ideas always come from a need which I have myself. Thinking back to all the shitty neighbors I have had, and how it would have been nice to avoid them, I thought of an idea; how about a website where you could find out if you neighbors are assholes?

Thus "rankmyneighbor.com" was born. I bought the URL and shopped it around to a few people who had some experience in designing web pages. The response was, for the most part, tepid. The attitude was, generally speaking, consdescending but at the same time encouraging. Very few people said "Oh, that's a bad idea" but most people didn't stand up and say "hmmmm....I could get rich off this..."

So here, today on Yahoo, is my idea. On Yahoo. Front page news.http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/76813/tattling-on-rotten-neighbors

I won't say it doesn't hurt. But hopefully, in the future, this will give my ideas a little more credibility. Who knows?

Since I had that idea in April, and this crappy website (and it is crappy. all people do is complain. They are also going go get sued for defamation) went live in August, the timing is pretty suspicious. But I have no way of knowing who talked to who, and even if I did we never seriously made anyone sign the non-disclosure agreement because they were all our friends. More than likely someone just came up with it on their own, or someone keeps close tabs on who buys URL's and then figures out the idea that way.

In either case, back to the drawing board.


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