Friday, February 15, 2008


Re: the murders in Illinois
The slaughter continues and the only thing you can do is yawn and snort in utter contempt for a nation who holds candlelight vigils and sits around crying, and then gets on to the hard work of protecting the right to bear arms. The cycle continues, and will continue as long as we Americans refuse to stand up to an army of balding, middle-aged men who insist we suffer under the tyranny of insane government.

The first thing gun nuts will do is mention that Illinois does not allow concealed carry and that would have saved everyone. THis is a popular fantasy. The gun nuts want us to believe that we should all be carrying around firearms in order to protect us from random acts of insane people who are, guess what, carrying concealed firearms.

Never mind the efficacy of defending yourself from a surprise attack while sitting in a classroom, which virtually no one has the training, nor the inclination to train for (and it probably wouldn't work anyway, although this fantasy lives on the minds of the gun nuts) the real question is, why should I have to be ready and armed to defend myself when I'm sitting in class? Does anyone really have an answer to that question?

Furthermore, has a person with a concealed firearm EVER stopped a mass shooting anywhere in the US? Nope. Not one. Ever.

Personally, I am sincerely hoping that sooner or later someone will pop into an NRA convention and start blasting away, just to test out their theory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

couldn't have said it better myself

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you watch TV? I'm not quite a gun nut but I do remember watching a couple of TV shows showing you people stopping some nut with a gun, with their gun. Where did you get your data? How often do mass shootings happen? How many people have CCW permits and carry all the time? Okay, and statistically how likely is it that the person going to be there when the mass shootings occur?

Do you wanna be called a flaming communist? Not all proponents of carry permits are "gun nuts" you know. Why don't you do some research of people who carry. You'll find most of them are peopel who deal with a lot of cash or valuables, or people in witness protection, people who have someone restrained agaisnt them, people who just went through a life-death situation who decided to carry. Vast majority of these people aren't gun enthusiasts in any sense.

Its like making fun of people who commute in cars, by calling them ricer-boys.

5:41 PM  

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