Sunday, April 17, 2005

Paul Berman...again...

"To my mind one of the great scandals of all modern history was the anti-war movement of 2003. The regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq was surely the most tyrannical, most totalitarian, most murderous regime in all of modern history after that of Pol Pot: hundreds of thousands, probably millions were killed, four million were driven into exile. The Liberals of Iraq have faced a nightmare of hopelessness and the horrors of abandonment by much of the rest of the world. Finally, steps were being taken to overthrow this worst of tyrannies in the modern world and at this moment the largest mass movement in the history of the entire world formed to prevent the overthrow of the fascist government in Iraq. To me this is a gigantic moral scandal. It is the kind of moral scandal which has characterized so much of modern history and is an example in microcosm of the many forces that have led to the tragic and truly unbearable fact that modern history in the last ninety years of so has been one of the cruelest and bloodiest periods in all of human history. "-Paul Berman


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