Monday, May 16, 2005

The Saudi connection...

A lot of political hacks like me have pointed out that it isn't our enemies that represent the real danger; it's our friends. The KSA is one friend in particular that needs to be re-evaluated.

The hijackers on 911 were mostly Saudi. For some reason we ended up invading Iraq. IN all fairness, I haven't a huge moral dilemma with that invasion. I was against it, I thought it was bad idea, but if NOrth Korea was invaded by China, would people be freaking out? Probably not. Politics in this day and age focus more around identity than reality. It isn't an invasion that is the problem; it's an American one.

I'm of the opinion that an invasion of the KSA was more warranted. Here is an insular repressive monarchy where people are executed weekly in public, women are chattle, and where fanatics have free reign to fund terrorists and fanatics. Now we find out that most of the martyrs in Iraq are from the KSA.

This calls into question a little piece of Mike Moores' movie I appreciated. While I don't see the vast conspiracy Moore does, I do believe that the oil industry and the political connections of it create a situation where certain people are balancing our national security against their personal greed. The oil industry is incredibly powerful. What effect would it have upon them to demonstrate their close ties with these corrupt monarchies that encourage terrorism?

All of this rather reminds me of the ENRON debaucle. When you see the power going out in the middle of winter, when demand is only forty percent of capacity, it smells funny. When you see Saudis continue to fill the ranks of terrorists, it's something to take note of. Why are we coddling this pricks?


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