Thursday, September 29, 2005

Delay the puns

Now that one-time asshole of the week here on livefromblogdahd, Tom Delay has been indicted, the press is ready to roll out bad pun after bad pun. In fact, I'm responsible for at least one likely to be published in blogcritics.

The fact remains that Delay personifies the take-no-prisoners, lie through your teeth and deny everything school of the Republican party that the American public has in large part been suckered by again and again. The ability to forgive, or forget, the transgressions of past politicians is astonishing. For the democrats, the re-election of a crack-smoking Mayor of DC and for the Republicans the re-election of George Bush in the face of the absence of WMD in Iraq.

The fact is that the Republicans, for more than thirty years, have been the party of dirty tricks and deceit. This first came to light during watergate, re-exposed again in the Iran-Contra scandal, reborn in the Clinton era during the fishing expedition which revealed the incredibly national security breach involving a cigar and an overweight intern in the Oval Office, moved into Bush's cooking of the intelligence to this.

I predict the Republicans in this next election are going down hard. But Americans have a short memory...

Here's a good article as to why both parties shouldn't be glad to see him go..slate


Anonymous murrman32 said...

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