Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A message from an Islamofascist.

Has any one noticed a trend on how some of the warmongerers respond to this fake Zarqawi call? You can never expect a Bush supporter, neo conservative, fascist, or a zionoprat to be reasonable, this will never happen. It is compelling that they have never seen or known anything in their life except what the axis-of-evil U.S.media is telling and pumping them.

Americans use your brains even if al Zarqawi was real he couldn't open another front fighting 14 million iraqi shiites, in addition to the U.S. forces. Any human being with little brain would not do that. It is an evil plot manufactured by the U.S. and its collaboraters. However, this shitty plot has back fired on the U.S., as the Iraqi Resistance groups have gotten more popular support by condemning this message. mohsin84
9/20/2005 2:27 AM 118 out of 121

So now that it's obvious the insurgents are just a bunch of mass murderers and aren't freedom fighters, these guys have to change gears. It must by the zionists.


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