Sunday, December 11, 2005

bar exam horror stories

Feeding the rumor mill...

1. Use the word "she" as the only pronoun when there is ambiguity. Most bar graders are women. Women lawyers. Need I say more?

2. Take it in San Diego. Northern California is bad because you are competing against Boalt, Stanford and other such ABA gods.

Here's a funny story...

The group that took the bar exam before me recounted someone having their breakdown during the exam. As the story goes -- half way through the last day of the exam, this person jumped up and hollered "I am a covenant, I'm running with the land." and jogged up and down the aisle before running out of the room.

For me -- the single biggest breath of air I took was after I turned in the last exam and was walking out of the room. It was then I realized I had been holding my breathe for 2 1/2 days!!

Beverly Jones Kimes, Tarkio, Missouri

This is funny but not bar related.arson


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