Thursday, December 22, 2005


Now he'll work on his biceps instead

TAIPEI - A Taiwanese man injured his penis badly while trying to lift a 16-kg weight with it.
Doctors said the 48-year-old man, identified by the Taiwanese media as Mr Hsueh, tore tissues
in his scrotum by 'overloading' his penis. They spent 30 minutes stitching up the tissues before
putting him under observation, the United Daily News reported yesterday.

It said he had been using his penis to lift weights and was undertaking qigong exercises to
boost his virility. However, this was apparently the first time he had tried lifting a 16-kg weight.
When he did so, he felt an excruciating pain and found his penis bruised and swollen. His wife
rushed him to hospital, where he received five stitches. Urological surgeon Chen Kuan-yung
dismissed suggestions that lifting weights can help enlarge the penis, and said people should
not believe in methods that have no scientific or medical basis.

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