Friday, May 19, 2006

Day four

I don't know what happened to yesterday. It's a blur of outlining evidence, failing miserably at MBE's (I'm holding steady at about sixty per cent) and an abortive essay attempt...something about character evidence.

I've moved away from the micromash software for a moment, because I'm focusing on evidence right now and it insists I do real property. I think a concerted effort to outline evidence, do evidence mbe's and then do evidence essays will yield greater results, and I appear to be learning the law better, rather than in the disjointed fashion the software seems to insist upon.

I rented "Oz" by HBO to take my mind of stuff, but it's boring, and I forgot it was boring. Maybe I'll go see the DaVinci code. I wonder if I'm supposed to do the "study for ten hours a day" schtick but I think it's bullshit. I think most people are lying when they say they do that; it's more like stare at the books for a couple hours and on-task for a couple of hours...bullshit with your friends, make some phone calls, and claim that that was "studying".

I don't know the studies but I would be willing to bet that anything more than six hours of direct on task learning probably gets you a net loss of information....


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