Friday, May 19, 2006

Holding steady

at 60% on evidence MBE's....that means that I'm able to narrow them down to two and guess enough to garner that extra ten percent...character evidence and cross-examination seem to be a favorite of theirs because of the subtle nuances in the rules you must know...probably because it's easy to craft questions that where the answer is clearly correct and the others are clearly wrong...which if you have studied these question you know is really quite difficult to do, since very little in the law is "always" and the language of any question lends itself to ambiguities where reasonable people can differ...I don't have time to break these questions down the way I would like to demonstrate their fundamental flaws, but if you've done them, you know what I mean. And the bar graders don't care. Yes, the bar exam is unfair. Life is unfair. What is your point?


Blogger EAPrez said...

Thanks for the link - I'll link to yours as well!!!! Good luck studying for the Bar.

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