Monday, May 29, 2006

This bar lecturer says

"Everybody has an issue. Figure out what yours is."

I have more issues than National Geographic. And those aren't even related to the bar exam. The biggest problem right now is getting mbe's wrong that I SHOULDN'T because I know the law and understand how the answers are distinguishable.

What I mean by distinguishable is simple. You can get mbe's correct without even looking at the question, because many of them have three answers that are clearly different from the fourth. Got that?

It isn't a good thing, however, when you get a question right and realize when looking at the answer you didn't understand it. There isn't that much room for luck in this test.

So my issue right now is when I choose an answer and don't read the call of the question carefully enough.

Examples? "IF g is prosecuted for criminal homicide and goes down for involuntary manslaughter, which answer explains that result?"

All three of the sucker answers have someone who owes some duty of care to the vic. The other one doesn't. See what I mean? I end up guessing that a mountain climbing guide is sort of like a common doesn't sound right, but that's all I got.



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