Friday, June 16, 2006

Annoying people and the bar exam

It stands to reason that I may be little short-tempered lately. The California Bar Exam is a difficult test. My mind wanders to what my friend Sean heard from a guy named Jim who passed the bar last year. He saw Jim at the county fair and the only comment from Jim was "it's just a really hard test".

Which is really just another way of saying "it's a super fucking hard test that you have to tell yourself is "just a hard test" and not the end of the world, a judgment on your intelligence, character or commitment."

I'm at Wolf Coffee in Healdsburg and this super-annoying group of ex-teachers come in and start discussing some political issue related to pension funds. Something to do with a district. It seems that you can always tell people who are spinning their wheels in meetings because they don't really make much sense. The lack of direction (something education is notorious for, other than picking the WRONG direction)makes it a little like listening to a xtian fundie talk; not a lot of sense to it.

One of them was this really annoying old guy who talked in a hoarse whisper. He wouldn't let anyone get a word in edgewise. They were probably hoping he would lose his voice completely, although out of the three had made the most sense. The concept of economy in relation to language eludes so many of us. Especially lawyers. Anyway, it was small wonder his voice was going.

I had reached for my earplugs before they came in to block out the sound of the fat woman having her child read "green eggs and ham". How a coffee shop turns into a fucking day care center is beyond me.

Anyway, I realized my earplugs were on my keychain, and I had left that at home, having ridden the bike through various shining subdivisions with the background of rolling green hills and various folks walking in the sunlight. I hated them.

So I sucked it up and zipped through two hundred mbe's. I do them very fast. I was done in two hours and eleven minutes. I notice that if I go to slowly and kind of hang out, my mind wanders. ON the complicated ones, it usually isn't possible to figure out all the times, dates, events and parties and which is significant without feeling a massive drain of energy and enthusiasm. I concluded from this that it is better to guess and skip on such mbe's for precisely that reason. If you hang out and don't know the law, it doesn't usually help much to spend too much more time. You either know it or you don't.

I scored a 66. I was suprised, but I also had seen a good number of them before.

Then I took a break, went hom for lunch, and went back over to the library. Just before I started some creepy guy came in and glared at me. He was chewing gum with his mouth open, like a cow with a cud, studying applied physics. Two hours and ten minutes later I was finally done, and he was still chewing gum with his mouth open. Fucking wierdo.

I scored it. 70 correct. That was a raw score of 136. I felt okay about that, even though a good number of questions were not new to me. After all, I still have over a month to go....


Blogger Roonie said...

Sugar, my two cents? Take the venom out of your life. It'll do you wonders. I know I was the same way the first time I took the bar - and I lived to regret it!

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