Monday, June 05, 2006

Eight hours later

I swear I haven't even got halfway through what I need to do....

Got an email from my Micromash mentor today, making me feel a little better about MM. You see, last Friday I was supposed to log in and get my mentor information. They assign you a writing tutor to look at five essays you will write for them, once a week.

I have heard that this is the weaker portion of MM and while I intend to take full advantage of it, the fact that my email had a list of around fifteen other people in the "to" field was a little disturbing. I zipped off an email making certain if I had the right assignments, because being a wannabe overachiever and a fool, I had purchased MM early on, not realizing they were revising their materials. I don't imagine it will make a big difference, but it is a good example of why not to jump the gun at times. She mailed me back a terse email "your assignment is due June 9 and it is corporations question 2". Apparently she's in Arizona. I worry for a moment about how much California law she might know, and then realize it won't matter. Bad writing is bad writing in any state.

Anyway, the log-in information says "type in your number MMB-2818". Incorrect instructions. As it turned out, I was only supposed to type in 2818. They operate on bankers hours, so my calls over the weekend went unheard.

In any case, people under the stress of such events need comfort and attention, and a little more accomodation. I know I'm asking too much, I only paid fifteen hundred, and I haven't even paid it yet. They are probably thinking "cheap bastard. If you want someone to kiss your ass, go to BARBRI!!".

In any case, I woke up and went over corporations and quickly realized I have already forgotten everything, and that a lot of things I learned are useless for the bar. And some things I have never seen before. Of course, it wasn't Prof. Wargo's job to teach us everything on the bar.

So I ran through Travis Wise's flash cards, listened to two hours of lecture, looked at four essays, did forty mbe's, and it's already five. I had no idea that eight hours could go by so quickly. There was of course, a noon time swim. I had to wait for the bobbers to get out of the pool.

You know the bobbers. They take up the whole fucking lane even though they are bobbing like buoy up and down. I realize it's tough when you get to be sixty, but I know for a fact that part of the problem is when you treat your body like it is all broken down. You either use it, or you lose it, and when you get it in your mind that if you actually swim and sweat, and get that heart rate up, that you are in danger, then you should get the fuck out of the gym.

Sure, age does destroy your body. Let's face it. But mental age does too.


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