Sunday, June 04, 2006

Evidence brain-drain

So I hit the torts hard for a couple days and come back to Evidence....and instantly have a melt-down.

I can see the issue here. I can spot issues. I can do MBE's. The problem is that I don't remember the rules that well. Not well enough. So no matter what anyone says about "exam technique" and whatnot, for a lot of people such as myself, the problem is that we don't know the rules. Or at least cannot state them.

YOu hear a lot of crap. "You already know enough law to pass". "It's not about who knows more law". THese are both statements that are, to some degree, completely true. But in law school, as in many venues, the reason why people do poorly is because they don't know the law. And there is no way around not knowing the law. You have to memorize. In that light, I have committed myself to memorizing Travis Wise's flash cards. The results to date are impressive. 80% on thirty of Barbir's introductory mbe's, and moments ago, nine out of eleven correct answers on the intermediate questions.

Listening to an audio cd was helpful. The narrator said "in evidence, ask why the evidence is being offered." I knew that. I just forgot it. Just like everything else.

I spent Friday night seeing a comedy show and then shooting tequila and jaegermeister in a bar. By noon, however, I was back in action. Yesterday i took a short jog and it felt wonderful, although it was far too hot to be running. I stayed in the shade and took it easy. My heart rate monitor crapped out, which was a tragedy in the making, but I no longer push myself the way I did when I was in shape.

I'm impressed how many people are coming to my graduation. It was an ANNOUNCEMENT, not an invitation, but I guess they like me. No accounting for bad taste....


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